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EX401/8 maskingjengetapp 1/8″

Varenr EX401/8 Kategori
EX401/8 maskingjengetapp 1/8″
SKU: EX401/8

Spiral flute tap with chamfer form C with a 2-3xP plug lead, for British Standard Pipe thread G 1/8" with 28 TPI and Normal class of fit, dimensions according to DIN 5156 standard with 7.0mm shank and 5.5mm square drive, powder metallurgical HSS-E with bright finish and 45° helix angle for 2.5xD blind hole threading in free machining and plain carbon steel and wrought or cast aluminium

Description Value
Product name EX401/8
Product number (SAP) 86017750
EAN number 7320760168547
Ordering code ANSI EX401/8
Thread diameter size (TDZ) 1/8
Thread diameter - millimeter (TD) 9.728 mm
Threads per inch (TPI) 28
Overall length - millimeter (OAL) 90 mm
Overall length - inch (OAL) 3.5433 inch
Threading length - millimeter (THL) 13 mm
Threading length - inch (THL) 0.5118 inch
Connection diameter - inch (DCON MS) 0.2756 inch
Connection diameter - millimeter (DCON MS) 7 mm
Flute count (NOF) 3
Clamping width - inch (WSC) 0.2165 inch
Clamping width - millimeter (WSC) 5.5 mm
Clamping Length - inch (LCS) 0.315 inch
Clamping Length - millimeter (LSC) 8 mm
Premachined hole diameter - inch (PHD) 0.3465 inch
Premachined hole diameter - millimeter (PHD) 8.8 mm
Gross weight - grams 30
ISO EX401/8