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Gjengebakke F3207/16X1.5/16 UNC

Varenr F3207/16X1.5/16 Kategori
Gjengebakke F3207/16X1.5/16 UNC
SKU: F3207/16X1.5/16

Adjustable circular split die, for Unified National Coarse thread UNC 7/16" with 14 TPI, to reduce the torque when cutting by hand split dies can be adjusted in small increments up to a maximum of approximately 0.006", dimensions according to BS 1127:1950 standard with 1.5/16" outside diameter and 7/16" thickness, HSS with bright finish for threading in free machining and plain carbon steel, ferritic stainless steel and gray, malleable, ductile and compacted graphite cast-iron