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URANOS 1500 DP med kabelsett.

Varenr 55.02.05301 Kategori
URANOS 1500 DP med kabelsett.
SKU: 55.02.05301
Viktige egenskaper
  • Hot start
  • Anti sticking
  • Justerbart buetrykk
  • Egnet for bruk med aggregat


Anbefalte tilleggsprodukter

  • TIG-liftpistol
  • Koffert
  • Bag
  • Fjernkontroll


Nettilkobling 1x230V
Sikringsstørelse 16A
Aggregatstørrelse 6,6kVA
Strømområde 5-150A
Intermittens 60% 125A
Tomgangssp. U0 85V
Vekt 2,6 kg
Fjernkontroll Tillegg

Uranos 1500 DP is a professional machine, which comes in the impact resistant carry case with all the accessories needed to start welding, with the machine itself only weighing 2.6kgs.
With pre-set hot start, arc force, and anti stick these sets offer the features of much bigger machines but remain superbly easy to use. Machine has full digital user-friendly control panel.
Input 1ph/50Hz.
Output 5-150A.
Duty cycle 150A/30%
Dimensions 260x120x190mm and weight just 2,6kg.
Generator power 7 kW.
Electrode Ø: 1,6-4,0mm
Warranty period up to 5 years - detailed information on www.voestalpine.com/welding


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